Friday, December 28, 2012

blow me up

...for continuing to clothe our naked walls.  staples does these awesome inexpensive blueprint photo enlargements, so you and your loved ones can fondly remember special moments by plastering them atop your fireplace.  actually, the husband wouldn't let me hang this one above the fireplace... something about it being pretentious to have a giant photo of yourselves on display or whatnot.  we relocated it to our room instead and put a whole family picture in the living room.  i love the way this photo came out sort of old timey looking with the black and white grainy effect.  currently it's hanging out in a poster frame, but eventually i'd like to make a fun custom frame.  too bad that me trying to use a jigsaw would probably mean the loss of at least one finger. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


...for faking artsy.  one of my xmas presents from the husband was the camerabag photo editing program.  i imagine it's really similar to instagram, but i wouldn't know because i'm technologically challenged when it comes to apps or anything related to smartphones.  seriously, i have new found sympathy for my grandma's fear of our computer. 
i've just begun playing around with it, and so far i really like it.  it's pretty user friendly, and has turned out some fun remixed pics so far.   and bonus, now my pink shoes look even cuter. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

pre christmas miracles

..for our own little charlie brown-esque christmas.  last week, i got home from work and found our little rosemary tree all set up and ready to live out her christmas destiny.  a few lights, garlands and ornaments (shout outs to santa gnome and the stanley cup) later, she was looking much more festive.  couple this with the onslaught of holiday films (and i use the term "film" loosely when referring to abc family's "the mistle tones") i've been watching and the fact that as of today, 99% of our gifts are wrapped and ready for delivery, and i am set to go for xmas.  bring it, santa.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

pretty bird wall art

...for pinterest {again}.  i found this awesome tutorial back in september and was super pleased with how well my bird art turned out, especially since the branches are freehanded.  i had a vintage (read:  discarded and damaged) nancy drew book that provided the background for the birds, and the project cost me nothing because i repurposed the seating chart canvases from my wedding.  flash forward to a couple of weeks ago and me in a panic trying to hang various wall things up before my in laws came to see our new house for the first time (although they are much more tactful than my own mom's, "where is all your furniture?").  now, at least, our hallway is cute.  the extra bedroom, though, is still very much a work in progress.  new year's (spring 2013) resolution?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

amy everyday

...that i'm not quitting my day job anytime soon.  sometimes, i like to pretend that i'm a fashion blogger and take silly self portraits in my bedroom.  i sent this pic to my sister to show her how much i'm loving the cute scarf she sent for my birthday (sooo soft).  i'll leave daily outfit postings to the experts, but i am very much enjoying cozy layers this winter.     

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

tattle chicken

clearly, crystal and alexis are an item.
{pushed me in soccer}  no pain, no gain.
 ...for how passionate little guys are about tattling.  a few weeks ago, i introduced the "tattle box" to try and combat the 863 daily complaints about sharing, turn taking, funny looks, etc.  it took them awhile to get the hang of it, but now i get a laugh at the end of each day when i check the box.  the rule is, if you or someone else is legitimately hurt, tell an adult.  otherwise, tell the box.  if this one didn't work, my next recourse was going to be joe the tattling chicken, as seen in a friend's second grade classroom.

"teacher, s/he's bothering me."
"go tell the chicken.  joe is a great listener."

Monday, December 10, 2012

splish splash

...that blogs are not smellovision equipped just yet.  for my birthday, i picked out a new yoga mat to replace my current one that is older than many elementary school children.  said bluebell is beautiful and super thick, but unfortunately also comes with directions to "let it air out" before first use.  translation:  smells yuck.  i feel like i'm harry potter taking a bath with his egg before the big tournament.  and by tournament, i mean yoga class.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

making a wish

caramel cookie dough and churro with a side of melodrama

...for birthdays and getting old(er).  my actual birthday was sort of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day full of annoying classroom parents, 12 hour tension headaches and unpaid staying late at work time which made me miss my free bday yoga class.  by the time the husband got home and innocently wished me a happy birthday, i was in full meltdown mode.  next year, i'm taking the day off and celebrating inside with a nap. 
{taken from facebook once i'd calmed down}
thank you for the birthday wishes. they mean a lot to me ♥. i'm also happy that my husband chose only 1 candle for year 1 of married bdays, instead of 31 candles, which might have started a house fire.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

amy is thankful

from the public photos section on my harddrive, and an example of a photo i was hoping to take after completing #7 below

...that my blog doesn't get its feelings hurt too easily.  sorry for not posting lately.  it's not you bloggy, it's me.  in the spirit of the holiday for which this blog is named arriving on thursday, here are 20 random things i am thankful for.  one for each day of november.

1.  we're doing our second annual double thanksgiving foodapalooza this year.  my stretchy pants and i are all set.
2.  at thanksgiving #1, we get to meet my cousin's sweet new baby Abby.  and by meet, i mean swoon over and cover with kisses.
3.  the husband is making ice cream for both our families to garnish aforementioned foodapalooza.
4.  i'm hopeful there will be some (famous) carrots at thanksgiving #2.  mmm.
5.  i'm subbing a ton of yoga classes this week, which pay peanuts but ensure that i'm only sitting around for 23/24 hours each day of vacation.
6.  i had a woman *follow me over from another yoga class i subbed to take my regular class*  i wanted to hug her.
7.  i took a horrid photography class a couple of weeks ago.  the thankful part was that groupon refunded my money and sent a sincere sounding apology email.
8.  i'm keeping the new camera i bought for the class, although so far i've only taken one (blurry) picture. {update:  i decided to return the camera after all... but thankful for costco's great customer service}.
9.  my school district gives this entire week off for the holiday.  more naps for me.
10. the husband took the entire week off, as well.  no worries, his video games don't interrupt my naps.
11. yesterday i stayed in my pjs until 2:30pm.
12. tonight we went out to dinner before yoga.  in retrospect, maaaaybe a 4x4 from in n out wasn't my best choice.
13. last month, my book club read The Flight of Gemma Hardy, which i enjoyed.  the best part was that the cute scottish author called into our meeting and we were able to chat with her and ask our questions.  i geeked out.
14. downton abbey is back on in january.  lady mary and cousin mathew!  woot!
15. for the first time in forever, i've actually started some of my christmas shopping already.  i'm usually a christmas eve shopper, so this is huge for me.
16. this is our first married thanksgiving and married christmas.  <3
17. i have a ton of pinterest diys pinned to attempt over christmas break. 
18. google reader. 
19. i found the dust pan and brush that i thought had been lost in our move this summer.  thankful not so much for finding it, but for finding it before i resigned myself to buying another one.
20. i took our leftover halloween candy into work a few weeks ago and left it in the teacher's lounge.  gone before lunch.

hoping to post at least once more this week, but might be lost in a pumpkin pie haze.  most importantly, i'm thankful for my family and friends.  <3    

Friday, November 2, 2012

college mascots

...for college mascots who are good sports.  almost done with the vacation photos, but found this one of the RIT tiger mascot on campus.  being the dork that i am, i insisted on getting several a photo with it.  i originally tried to get one of me actually riding the tiger, but it was rainy and the husband was clearly embarassed to be seen with me by that point.  i don't seem to remember any life size gauchos hanging out around my college campus, but it has been a few years since graduation. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

famous vacation diners

...for healthy food in california, and for totally weirding out our waitress.  still sifting through ny photos, and found this one of what new yorker's consider a "fruit cup."  i ordered this at breakfast, and it was covered in syrup.  even i couldn't finish it, and sugar is a close bff of mine.  the best part of this photo was when the waitress saw the camera as she brought our bill.

"you're taking a picture of your meal?"
"yes.  we're on vacation and so excited to be here."
"um... yes.  our diner in upstate new york.  great spot.  enjoy your stay." {confused shake of her head as she walked away}

Sunday, October 28, 2012

this little piggy

...for remembering that i still had some random pictures on my camera from our new york trip last month.  this sign was posted on the RIT bulletin board in their student union all by its lonesome.  college students need no context for gratuitous pork products, apparently.  no wonder my husband spent so much time there.

Monday, October 22, 2012

making a statement

...for pinterest {again}.  i'm so into statement necklaces lately, but they can get really expensive.  following this tutorial, i'm happy with how mine turned out.  perhaps i should have lied to the home depot guy when he asked me what i needed 5/8" washers for, but whatevs.  you could make this with any color ribbon, and you could also use nail polish to fancy up the washers.  i can never wear this to the airport or jury duty, but it definitely pretty's up my tshirt and jeans. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012


...for exceptional customer service.  last weekend while lost in my favorite blog reading hours, i ordered a necklace from this etsy shop {i swoon for this one someday, but i also like to buy groceries}.  i ordered it late saturday night from the east coast, got a shipping confirmation email sunday (!), and was wearing it by wednesday afternoon.  the icing on the cupcake was an included handwritten thank you from the seller when it arrived.  color me impressed.   

Saturday, October 13, 2012

chill out

...that the past couple of days have actually been cool enough for sweaters of all kinds.  the husband and i christened our fireplace this weekend and it was glorious.  it's supposed to hit 90 again next week, but hopefully that will be summer's last hurrah.

week of 10/7: 
sunday:  sick
monday:  sick
tuesday:  taught yoga {and had the bananas scared out of me when an older woman complained of dizziness and was unable to get up from her mat after class}
wednesday:  rest
thursday:  taught yoga
friday:  rest
saturday:  rest

on the yoga front, once i start each class, i'm generally calm and the movements feel very fluid.  after thursday's class, i received two very sincere compliments from two different members.  still working on my anxiety before each class though.  it's like i need yoga before yoga. 

picture of happiness

...ummm, is it wrong that i want to spend the next 863 blog posts being thankful for our wedding photos that we are finally getting back after seven months? 

{don't answer that.  i'll just be thankful in private.  and on facebook.}

Sunday, October 7, 2012

sunsets and sweaters

...for the candy corn colored sunset i happened to catch while i was making dinner the other night.  fall has arrived, slowly but surely, and i can hear my sweaters whispering to me from the closet.  said sweaters are currently keeping me cozy during a case of the sniffles, thanks to some very special public school children and their germs.  they got the sharing is caring message loud and clear.  

Friday, October 5, 2012

crazy kids

when bad petting zoos happen to good people
...that we survived the la county fair unscathed.  last year's weather was so nice, i somehow forgot about the cruel heat that we usually deal with when we go.  luckily, it wasn't quite as bad as i feared {or whined about the day before}.  in real life, i abhor the petting zoo and the husband takes delight in dragging encouraging me to go a few times a year.  this year, i'm happy to say that no goats jumped on me and most of the animals kept a safe and respectable distance.  and then we ate funnel cake.  {maybe i should have opened with the funnel cake}.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

marilyn mantras


...for student teachers.  my yoga class this morning was extra massage-y thanks to an extra instructor observing and tweaking form.  a bonus neck rub and shoulder massage makes for a happy amy and underscores why studio yoga beats gym yoga any day of the week.

i was pinning quotes and ran across this one from the beautiful marilyn monroe.  she is, of course, awesome.  but she's also the subject of one of my very favorite shows from last season.  smash, pleeeeease come back soon.  i missed you this summer.

week of 9/23:
sunday:  lulu yoga
monday:  rest
tuesday:  taught yoga {still working on not panicking..and being louder, according to the woman in the back row.  to her i say, "move closer!"}
wednesday:  rest
thursday:  rest
friday:  rest
saturday:  a lot of walking around the la county fair.  i definitely regretted my thinking that we were too cool for the shuttle a few times.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

diy monogrammed canvas tutorial

...for our house beginning to feel like home.  this past weekend, the husband and i made semi progress on unpacking and arranging our furniture and boxes that have been evil eyeing us since our move last month.  in my quest to cover our naked white rental walls, i pinned a bunch of home diy stuff.  and, shock of shocks, i did one!  i add this bc we all know that most pin boards should be subtitled "stuff i'll never complete."  if you're into it, here's a quick tutorial.  this one is easy enough for those of us who are craft and creativly challenged {}.

diy hanging monogrammed canvas {inspired by this etsy find}
canvas, any size {i used 16" x 20"}
enough fabric to cover the canvas plus 2" all around
staple gun {you could also just use the fabric glue here, too, since you'll use it later}
assorted buttons {i used two packs of 130 each, but yours will depend on what size/look you want}
tacky glue {you might be able to use elmer's, but i don't know if that would hold longterm}
ribbon to hang
1.  cover your canvas with your fabric and staple or glue fabric edges around all sides of canvas, like you're wrapping a present.
2.  attach your hanging ribbon to the back of your canvas via staple or glue {i forgot to do this first and had to attach the next day and let dry again before i could hang it}.  i would recommend stapling here, so you can move on to the buttons without needing to let the ribbon glue dry.  
3.  spread out your buttons in the basic letter design you're going for on your canvas, and then stand back and see what it looks like.  you may need to adjust height, color placement, whatevs.  i freeformed my letter, but if you're a perfectionist you may want to use a pattern or stencil here.  you could be really creative and use cursive or a fancy font.  that's not my forte.
4.  go to town with your glue.  for my m, i started glueing in the middle of the letter and worked out from there, switching sides every so often so i could gage for symmetry.  *you might want to save a few extra buttons for the end so you can fill in any areas that don't quite match*
5.  when you've finished glueing, stand back and look at it again.  this is where i realized that i had some empty spots which needed to be filled. 
6.  let dry completely, preferably overnight on a flat surface.  i was disappointed at first to see all the white tacky glue through the button holes, but it dried clear overnight and looked much better the next day.
7.  you can hang up with a nail under the ribbon bow, or you can use sticky hanging strips if you don't want to damage your walls {see rental reference above}.
8.  pat yourself on the back that your entire project took 90 minutes-ish and was under $20 {this is the time to use those 40% off coupons you always get at michaels and joannes}.  resist the urge to repin on pinterest from your own blog, but just barely. 
question:  have you done any fun diy's lately?  seen any out there that you want to do?  leave a comment and link away!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

return of the weekend

...for a no obligation weekend.  other than cleaning, i'm planning on blog reading, napping, trashy magazines and library books.  this week i finally began subbing again {and was reminded of why i hated it in the first place}.  at least it buys groceries.  and i did make some first graders laugh when we read our stories in a bear voice.  my growl is legendary.

week of 9/16:
sunday:  lulu yoga
monday:  rest
tuesday:  taught yoga {panic this week was a little less. baby steps}.
wednesday:  rest
thursday:  rest
friday:  rest
saturday:  active rest {cleaning}
thanks to last week's yoga bender, my left elbow has been bothering me for a few days.  i'm trying to take it easy.  i think some swimming might be just what i need.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

missing pieces

...that my anxiety over finishing a puzzle only to find that the final piece was nowhere to be found was short lived.  alas, i was sitting on it.  i can also appreciate the irony of this situation, since i in fact bought said puzzle because i'd read they can be relaxing.  #calmdownfail 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

workouts and reminders

...for the multitude of pin-able inspiration out there.  i decided i'm not loving the little cowgirly i've got representing my workout roundups {although really, she's lassoing in some great fitness.  i kill me.}  so this week, i'm thankful for these five reminders that are easier written than followed.  number two resonates the most for me currently, since i've now taught three yoga classes and have given myself serious anxiety before, during and after each one.  i didn't think teaching big people would be so different from teaching little people.  it's VERY different.  yowza.

week of 9/9:
sunday:  new york renagade hotel gym yoga {to the confusion of those two boys on the treadmills}
monday:  rest
tuesday:  morning yoga taken and evening yoga taught
wednesday:  rest
thursday:  yoga taught
friday:  yoga taken and then taken again {"research" for my own class, much to the surprise and dismay of my muscles}
saturday:  rest
so, clearly, i'm on a yoga bender right now.  these workout logs are for mostly my own records/amusement, after all.

meltbob heatpants

heat.  yuck.
...that this self portrait is so spot on.  the thermostat in our living room read 90* last night at 6pm.  it's currently 103* outside.  we've taken to wearing frozen towels as hats.  i'm just lucky i found this gem in our collection.  i have tickets to the la fair this month, but i think we'll die out there i'm not sure this is the best petting zoo weather. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

i now pronounce you not so stressed out

...that the husband and i clean up well.  back from ny last night after a looooong day (hello, 5 am) of traveling and so happy to sleep in my own bed.  seeing ron and cayley get married was beautiful, and it's been far too long (or never) since we've danced all night.  but the best part of the wedding was knowing that we never have to plan our own ceremony and reception again.  whew.   

Thursday, September 6, 2012


...that i made it through teaching my first yoga class relatively unscathed.  after getting my cert in june, it took me a little bit to apply and audition, but next week i officially start teaching two classes per week.  backing up to last night though, i was covering a class for someone else.  as i told the husband, "if it goes well, great.  and if it's a disaster, at least i never have to see those people again." 
{famous last words}
i wish i was joking, but here are a few things that went wrong last evening:
*i was so into the awesome songs playing on my radio that i completely missed my freeway exit.  i didn't realize i'd missed it until i was four exits further than i wanted to go.  i then got stuck at a train crossing while my gps was trying to guide me to the gym while i looked at the clock every 2.5 seconds hoping not to be late.  {thank goodness i wasn't}
*i finally arrived to said gym and find that the equipment {microphone pack and cover screen} promised to me by the woman who called me to sub was, in fact, not anywhere to be seen.  no biggie, i'll just use the same setup the instructor teaching before me used.  i'll discreetly let her know it's my first class, and she'll be more than happy to walk me through.  i'm sure you can see where this is going.
*zumba instructor satan jennifer was none too pleased when i interrupted her conversation to politely ask about the mic.  "oh, i don't really use the mic.  i'll put the cd in for you.  good luck."  before sprinting out the door, she proceeds to announce to everyone setting up for yoga that it is, in fact, my very first class.  cue scow-ly faced me.  she obvs. doesn't know that the first rule of subbing is never admit that you're new.
*i decide i'm over using a mic anyway and spend the next couple of minutes with my booty to the class trying to adjust volume, lights and whatnot.  we finally get going and start our deep breathing.  yoga is supposed to be relaxing, after all.
*for whatever reason, the stereo is set on stopping after each individual song instead of playing all the way through.  i don't realize this until after the second time i've left my pose to hit play again.  i suppose i could try and correct it, but at this point, hitting play every few minutes is really not that big a deal.  i can only hope that the members are so blissed out that they don't notice the extended pause bt songs.
*i catch a glance at myself in the mirror about 20 minutes into class and realize that i am nervously sweating.  not glowing, but ugly sweating.  eeeeewwww. 
*miraculously, the sequence i've planned plus a few filler moves take up the whole hour and i end the class with a relaxing shivasana.  i mention that i'm teaching a few regular classes and someone asks me what time my huntington beach class is.  god bless you, lady in the blue tshirt.  you made my night.
*the icing on the cupcake was when the cd got stuck in the stereo and i couldn't get it to eject after class.  luckily, i was alone by this point.  i finally shut the whole thing down and restarted to get it out.  but seriously, i would have been okay with the cd as collateral damage by that point.
that was a long ramble, but i'm hoping the moral of this story is that old show biz saying about a bad dress rehearsal means a great opening night.  because, yikes.  a girl's blood pressure can only remain elevated for so long.  i was so keyed up when i got home that i rolled around in bed until 2:30am.  i'm a treat today.  

yoga and peanuts


...for another addition of my weekly workouts roundup.  i'm posting a little bit early, because this weekend the husband and i are going to new york (!) for his friend's wedding.  he assures me that we will not be anywhere near time's square or the statue of liberty, which may make it harder to purchase my {i <3 ny} tshirt.  i'll console myself with a trip to niagra falls and overpriced airport snacks.  seriously, last time we flew, i think we paid $8 for a bag of peanuts.

week of 9/2:
sunday:  lulu yoga
monday:  power yoga
tuesday:  turbo kickbox
wednesday:  i taught my first ever yoga class {the breath work we did was more for me than them}
thursday:  rest
friday:  traveling/wandering the airport
saturday:  see friday

Saturday, September 1, 2012

git along little... workouts.


...for the first installment of my weekly workouts roundup.  {side note- finding a non slutty cowgirl picture is a lot harder than you might think}  i'm a lot better about working out during the summer than during the school year, obvs.  right now i have some unplannedandhopefulthatitdoesnotstaythatwayformuchlongerorimighthaveabreakdown extra time off until subbing picks up again this fall, so to keep myself motivated, i think i'll post my workouts here.  better than on our fridge, although no place for gold stars.  hmmm. 

week of 8/26:
sunday: lulu yoga
monday: vinyasa yoga
tuesday: turbokickbox
wednesday: rest
thursday: rest
friday: vinyasa yoga
saturday: wandering the aisles of costco for bulk toiletries

Saturday, August 25, 2012

seriously sorted scarves

clearly this leaves room to buy new ones

...for sanity saving organization.  moving last weekend underscored my complete closet chaos (and love for alliteration) when it comes to scarves.  thanks to ikea, they are not stuffed into random drawers anymore.  i'm so ready for fall. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

gnomio 'o gnomio

...that gnomie seems to be the only casualty from our move this weekend.  there might be some other surprises lurking in several as-yet-unpacked boxes, but we survived in spite of the ridiculous heat wave that has been happening since what feels like forever.  we're renting this new house until we die, mostly because the idea of moving again in the near future sounds as appealing as jamming a fork in my eye.

Monday, August 6, 2012


...for well loved books.  my bookclub this month read man's search for meaning, and i was surprised to find my copy underlined and marginalia'd (it's a word?).  don't get me wrong, the goody two shoes in me would never ever mark up a library book.  i have trouble writing in/ underlining books i outright own.  but something in me loves to see what someone else found important or inspiring.  it adds another layer to reading. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

yogi bear

...that when life gets stressful {like this week} and things {and people} seem out of my control, i can always count on sunday morning yoga to relax, destress and calm the eff down.   

Wednesday, July 25, 2012



...for makeup workouts.  yesterday when my tkb class was cancelled, i came home and did... nothing productive.  and after flaking on yoga this morning, i busted out this workout i had bookmarked (and newly pinned) from awhile ago.  minimal equipment, flexible (i subbed tricep skull crushers for the dips so i could use dumbbells) and ultimate reminder that no one looks cool doing a burpee.  no one.

Friday, July 20, 2012

ho hey it's friday!

..for this song that i am absolutely obsessed with lately.  i took the long way home from errands today just so i could 'ho hey' with extra enthusiasm.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

d i yeah.

...for my first post wedding diy.  thanks to pinterest and this awesome tutorial, our engagement/ shower/ wedding cards will not be spending eternity in a shoebox in the office.  now all that mushiness is organized and ready to be relived each anniversary <3.

Friday, July 13, 2012


...for those groupon getaway emails that allow me to fantasize about our return trip to jamaica.  best part of our honeymoon, not the least bc i got my barter on for this little canvas.  it's not excessive to go twice in one year, right? 

bee-utiful read

...for books on cd.  i was skeptical when the jacket for this one said it was even better heard than read.  i stand corrected.  the secret life of bees is so great (and so not really about bees) that i find myself in the driveway taking an excessively long time getting out of the car.  i suppose i should be thankful for jury duty the last two weeks and the built in listening time each day.  but then, no one should be thankful for jury duty.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

oh my!

...that the circus is coming to town.  break out the lions, tigers and bears.  and by break out, i mean keep them safely away from me while still showcasing their amazing talents.  my all time favorite circus memory has to be when the husband was heckled by two circus clowns in the audience during our inaugural summer fair tour '08.  i laughed so hard i cried. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

black socks, they never get dirty

...for summer vacation and the opportunity to procrastinate doing laundry for weeks a little bit.  not really any different from procrastinating during the school year, but that's neither here nor there.  someone told me that when you have a baby, you start doing laundry every day.  every day?  that seems excessive.  someone needs to invent disposable onesies :).

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

mustaches of a feather

...for a busy weekend that included beautiful weather, copious amounts of chili and salsa, sparkling water, a bff turning 30, sunday morning yoga and father's-in-law day.  i wonder what they say about couples who wear silly mustaches together.  ridiculous forever?  something like that.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

by any other name

...for the last day of school and the rose at the end of the tunnel.  to call it a challenging year would be the understatement of the decade, but i made it through and even scored flowers from a student.  dear miguel, the roses are beautiful and you made my day.  however, they do not negate your 31 tardies and the fact that i moved your seat 17 times bc you would not. stop. talking.  kit and have a great summer.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

go kings go! watch the hubby celebrate a kings' stanley cup victory.  they ended their season well, and i thoroughly enjoyed watching little madison quick at the post game press conference.  the composure that daryl sutter tries to keep as she marches back and forth waving the kings' flag is awesome.       

Thursday, June 7, 2012

must be italian

...for the giggles when this box was delivered and i immediately thought, "fra-gi-lee."  thank you, christmas story, for humor that never gets old.  even if it's only june. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

golden girls and boys

...for the oldies who watch from outside their leisure world condos each memorial day morning at the laguna hills 5k.  their flag waving, cheeriness and general wrinkly adorableness make the gasping for air pleasant jog walking so much more fun.  i hope i'm that cute when i'm 90. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

smoky mike

...that this was the only damage done in the aftermath of my accidental microwave fire.  unless you count the house smelling like burnt popcorn meets bbq s'mores.  i was only trying to disinfect the sponge.  i guess i'm not an accidental housewife after all. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

i like to move it move it

 ...that no one mistook me for an extra from 'madagascar' at the strawberry festival this weekend.  every summer i try and find a fun pair of sunnies to add to my collection.  i tell my husband the bigger buggy ones protect my delicate eyes.  he'll thank me in 50 years.