Saturday, October 13, 2012

chill out

...that the past couple of days have actually been cool enough for sweaters of all kinds.  the husband and i christened our fireplace this weekend and it was glorious.  it's supposed to hit 90 again next week, but hopefully that will be summer's last hurrah.

week of 10/7: 
sunday:  sick
monday:  sick
tuesday:  taught yoga {and had the bananas scared out of me when an older woman complained of dizziness and was unable to get up from her mat after class}
wednesday:  rest
thursday:  taught yoga
friday:  rest
saturday:  rest

on the yoga front, once i start each class, i'm generally calm and the movements feel very fluid.  after thursday's class, i received two very sincere compliments from two different members.  still working on my anxiety before each class though.  it's like i need yoga before yoga. 

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