Friday, December 28, 2012

blow me up

...for continuing to clothe our naked walls.  staples does these awesome inexpensive blueprint photo enlargements, so you and your loved ones can fondly remember special moments by plastering them atop your fireplace.  actually, the husband wouldn't let me hang this one above the fireplace... something about it being pretentious to have a giant photo of yourselves on display or whatnot.  we relocated it to our room instead and put a whole family picture in the living room.  i love the way this photo came out sort of old timey looking with the black and white grainy effect.  currently it's hanging out in a poster frame, but eventually i'd like to make a fun custom frame.  too bad that me trying to use a jigsaw would probably mean the loss of at least one finger. 


  1. Aah, go on, be pretentious :) Nice print--sort of a companion to the picture of you two dancing in the crosswalk

  2. if you can't be pretentious in your own home, where can you be?