Saturday, September 1, 2012

git along little... workouts.


...for the first installment of my weekly workouts roundup.  {side note- finding a non slutty cowgirl picture is a lot harder than you might think}  i'm a lot better about working out during the summer than during the school year, obvs.  right now i have some unplannedandhopefulthatitdoesnotstaythatwayformuchlongerorimighthaveabreakdown extra time off until subbing picks up again this fall, so to keep myself motivated, i think i'll post my workouts here.  better than on our fridge, although no place for gold stars.  hmmm. 

week of 8/26:
sunday: lulu yoga
monday: vinyasa yoga
tuesday: turbokickbox
wednesday: rest
thursday: rest
friday: vinyasa yoga
saturday: wandering the aisles of costco for bulk toiletries

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