Tuesday, November 20, 2012

amy is thankful

from the public photos section on my harddrive, and an example of a photo i was hoping to take after completing #7 below

...that my blog doesn't get its feelings hurt too easily.  sorry for not posting lately.  it's not you bloggy, it's me.  in the spirit of the holiday for which this blog is named arriving on thursday, here are 20 random things i am thankful for.  one for each day of november.

1.  we're doing our second annual double thanksgiving foodapalooza this year.  my stretchy pants and i are all set.
2.  at thanksgiving #1, we get to meet my cousin's sweet new baby Abby.  and by meet, i mean swoon over and cover with kisses.
3.  the husband is making ice cream for both our families to garnish aforementioned foodapalooza.
4.  i'm hopeful there will be some (famous) carrots at thanksgiving #2.  mmm.
5.  i'm subbing a ton of yoga classes this week, which pay peanuts but ensure that i'm only sitting around for 23/24 hours each day of vacation.
6.  i had a woman *follow me over from another yoga class i subbed to take my regular class*  i wanted to hug her.
7.  i took a horrid photography class a couple of weeks ago.  the thankful part was that groupon refunded my money and sent a sincere sounding apology email.
8.  i'm keeping the new camera i bought for the class, although so far i've only taken one (blurry) picture. {update:  i decided to return the camera after all... but thankful for costco's great customer service}.
9.  my school district gives this entire week off for the holiday.  more naps for me.
10. the husband took the entire week off, as well.  no worries, his video games don't interrupt my naps.
11. yesterday i stayed in my pjs until 2:30pm.
12. tonight we went out to dinner before yoga.  in retrospect, maaaaybe a 4x4 from in n out wasn't my best choice.
13. last month, my book club read The Flight of Gemma Hardy, which i enjoyed.  the best part was that the cute scottish author called into our meeting and we were able to chat with her and ask our questions.  i geeked out.
14. downton abbey is back on in january.  lady mary and cousin mathew!  woot!
15. for the first time in forever, i've actually started some of my christmas shopping already.  i'm usually a christmas eve shopper, so this is huge for me.
16. this is our first married thanksgiving and married christmas.  <3
17. i have a ton of pinterest diys pinned to attempt over christmas break. 
18. google reader. 
19. i found the dust pan and brush that i thought had been lost in our move this summer.  thankful not so much for finding it, but for finding it before i resigned myself to buying another one.
20. i took our leftover halloween candy into work a few weeks ago and left it in the teacher's lounge.  gone before lunch.

hoping to post at least once more this week, but might be lost in a pumpkin pie haze.  most importantly, i'm thankful for my family and friends.  <3    

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