Saturday, January 12, 2013

vegetable ambitions

...for my very own popeye moment.  on monday, i bought a two pound bag of spinach at costco {along with a giant block of cheese for the husband}.  i never ate spinach as a kid {it doesn't come in a happy meal}, but as an adult, i LOVE it.  seriously.  my mission this week has been to take down as much of the bag as possible to avoid the uglyness that was costco rotten spinach fest 2011, the last time i let myself buy veggies in bulk.  i'm pleased to say that after three days, i've just over half the bag to go.  i've probably jinxed myself by bragging here, but i'm very much looking forward to winning this iron and folate rematch.   

Thursday, January 10, 2013


...for trying to make lemonade out of lemons.  we have this citrus tree in our backyard that produces the most amazing fruit.  giant lemons that stay fresh for weeks and are so good in soups, salads and even plain water.  they put trader joe's lemons to shame {i still love you, joe.  your almond butter will always hold a special place in my heart}.  i'm currently on vacation, and bummed that school starts again next week.  but in the spirit of new year's lemons and all of their optimism, i'll try and look on the bright side.  only six more months until summer.  it will feel so good to leave the house each morning for school.  

Monday, January 7, 2013


...for refashioning old and little worn jewelry.  i've had these pearls for a couple of years now, and i like them because they remind me of something my grandmothers might have worn.  but the odd length makes me feel not quite comfortable wearing them, and they have been just taking up space on my jewelry tree.  enter pinterest, and specifically this diy tutorial about creating something new from jewelry you already own.  after some ribbon cutting and measuring, i ended up with a much longer necklace that comes to a more flattering length on me.  then i started playing around with adding extras.  she suggests clip on earrings and a flower brooch... as i had neither, i added another rarely worn necklace as an inset.  i'm not 100% in love yet, but i like it much better than before.  yet another addition to my necklace obsession collection.    

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

hobbits abound

...for my husband, who wanted to celebrate his birthday yesterday in style by seeing the hobbit in all its 3D high frame rate geeked out glory.  while i may not know a hobbit from a {insert another lord of the rings character here... i'm out}, i was happy to put on my big girl glasses and go with him.  i'll always wonder why, exactly, one needs four movies to find then lose then find then lose then destroy {i think} a ring.  but i did appreciate the cool special effects.  and going out to dinner afterwards.  husband, you make 32 look good.