Sunday, September 30, 2012

marilyn mantras


...for student teachers.  my yoga class this morning was extra massage-y thanks to an extra instructor observing and tweaking form.  a bonus neck rub and shoulder massage makes for a happy amy and underscores why studio yoga beats gym yoga any day of the week.

i was pinning quotes and ran across this one from the beautiful marilyn monroe.  she is, of course, awesome.  but she's also the subject of one of my very favorite shows from last season.  smash, pleeeeease come back soon.  i missed you this summer.

week of 9/23:
sunday:  lulu yoga
monday:  rest
tuesday:  taught yoga {still working on not panicking..and being louder, according to the woman in the back row.  to her i say, "move closer!"}
wednesday:  rest
thursday:  rest
friday:  rest
saturday:  a lot of walking around the la county fair.  i definitely regretted my thinking that we were too cool for the shuttle a few times.

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