Wednesday, February 27, 2013


...for a new {old} hammock friend.  the husband got a super fun reptar tshirt for christmas, but it was also super large.  three of ian could have wedged in there.  the shirt was not fulfilling its awesome rugrats destiny, so i decided to repurpose it as a pillowcase.  i have no sewing skills at all, so this is a roll tuck safety pin creation, but i think it turned out well.  he fits perfectly on the front pillow side, and we get to relax in style.  rawr.

Monday, February 25, 2013

water water everywhere

...that this will no longer be happening in our bathroom each day.  while home during the day recovering from the flu these past couple of weeks {never again will i think myself too cool for a flu shot}, i began noticing water water everywhere all over our bathroom floor after morning showers.  our landlord's response was "you can't open the shower door while the water is running, because you're letting the water run out onto the tile."  #handymanfail.  i finally thought to take a picture of the leak so that the second time i called he understood what i was describing.  turns out, the shower floor needs to be ripped out and redone because of a leak underneath that's seeping through the wall. 

while i don't love losing the use of our bathroom and having workers afoot for the next week, i do feel vindicated in knowing that it wasn't just the husband and i being careless shower takers.  maybe i could work next on taking shorter showers, but that's neither here nore there.

Friday, February 22, 2013

stanley and ian

...for bucket list photo opps.  a few weeks ago, the husband got the chance to view and take photos with his beloved king's stanley cup.  he and my father in law met in la and had some quality bonding time, as apparently the line was super long and not moving quickly enough.  the way he tells it, get in a long line wait wait wait take some stalker shots of bailey the mascot wait some more get nervous that the line would close rush rush rush see the cup pose for one {and only one} photo with the cup hope the photo comes out okay rush rush rush out of the building see more people at the end of the line waiting be thankful they didn't get there any later.  if it was me, and the cup was, say, ryan gosling, my pose would have been far less restrained.  but good for ian.    

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

birthday hammock

...for my in laws getting us a hammock in the middle of winter.  for the husband's birthday this year, they ordered us this beauty.  our waxing poetic subtle hints about how much we enjoyed the hammocks on the beach during our honeymoon did not fall on deaf ears.  notice the bathrobe and heavy blanket he's wearing.  we're not ones to let cold temps derail our lounging plans.  no, we just set up the hammock inside the house.  frankly, i'm not sure it will make it into the backyard once summer comes.  that's just how we {easily sunburned} kids roll.   

Monday, February 18, 2013

"a" great monogram

...for homemade monogrammed stationary.  i was on such a craft high after making valentine's for my lovelies that i decided to make one for myself, too.  what i love about this photo is that the card is made of wedding leftovers, and it's sitting atop our wedding cupcake stands.  what a diy full circle. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

the smell of love

...for my yearly valentine's flowers.  the husband is not the bringing-home-surprise-flowers-all-the-time type {bc, frankly, i get sad when they die}, but once a year he patiently stands in line with the other men at the flower shop and buys me some holiday pretties.  they look so cheery in our kitchen, and they make me feel like i'm in a sappy commercial each time i stop to smell them.  which, this week, will be an innapropriate number of times.  #justbeinghonest