Tuesday, October 30, 2012

famous vacation diners

...for healthy food in california, and for totally weirding out our waitress.  still sifting through ny photos, and found this one of what new yorker's consider a "fruit cup."  i ordered this at breakfast, and it was covered in syrup.  even i couldn't finish it, and sugar is a close bff of mine.  the best part of this photo was when the waitress saw the camera as she brought our bill.

"you're taking a picture of your meal?"
"yes.  we're on vacation and so excited to be here."
"um... yes.  our diner in upstate new york.  great spot.  enjoy your stay." {confused shake of her head as she walked away}

Sunday, October 28, 2012

this little piggy

...for remembering that i still had some random pictures on my camera from our new york trip last month.  this sign was posted on the RIT bulletin board in their student union all by its lonesome.  college students need no context for gratuitous pork products, apparently.  no wonder my husband spent so much time there.

Monday, October 22, 2012

making a statement

...for pinterest {again}.  i'm so into statement necklaces lately, but they can get really expensive.  following this tutorial, i'm happy with how mine turned out.  perhaps i should have lied to the home depot guy when he asked me what i needed 5/8" washers for, but whatevs.  you could make this with any color ribbon, and you could also use nail polish to fancy up the washers.  i can never wear this to the airport or jury duty, but it definitely pretty's up my tshirt and jeans. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012


...for exceptional customer service.  last weekend while lost in my favorite blog reading hours, i ordered a necklace from this etsy shop {i swoon for this one someday, but i also like to buy groceries}.  i ordered it late saturday night from the east coast, got a shipping confirmation email sunday (!), and was wearing it by wednesday afternoon.  the icing on the cupcake was an included handwritten thank you from the seller when it arrived.  color me impressed.   

Saturday, October 13, 2012

chill out

...that the past couple of days have actually been cool enough for sweaters of all kinds.  the husband and i christened our fireplace this weekend and it was glorious.  it's supposed to hit 90 again next week, but hopefully that will be summer's last hurrah.

week of 10/7: 
sunday:  sick
monday:  sick
tuesday:  taught yoga {and had the bananas scared out of me when an older woman complained of dizziness and was unable to get up from her mat after class}
wednesday:  rest
thursday:  taught yoga
friday:  rest
saturday:  rest

on the yoga front, once i start each class, i'm generally calm and the movements feel very fluid.  after thursday's class, i received two very sincere compliments from two different members.  still working on my anxiety before each class though.  it's like i need yoga before yoga. 

picture of happiness

...ummm, is it wrong that i want to spend the next 863 blog posts being thankful for our wedding photos that we are finally getting back after seven months? 

{don't answer that.  i'll just be thankful in private.  and on facebook.}

Sunday, October 7, 2012

sunsets and sweaters

...for the candy corn colored sunset i happened to catch while i was making dinner the other night.  fall has arrived, slowly but surely, and i can hear my sweaters whispering to me from the closet.  said sweaters are currently keeping me cozy during a case of the sniffles, thanks to some very special public school children and their germs.  they got the sharing is caring message loud and clear.  

Friday, October 5, 2012

crazy kids

when bad petting zoos happen to good people
...that we survived the la county fair unscathed.  last year's weather was so nice, i somehow forgot about the cruel heat that we usually deal with when we go.  luckily, it wasn't quite as bad as i feared {or whined about the day before}.  in real life, i abhor the petting zoo and the husband takes delight in dragging encouraging me to go a few times a year.  this year, i'm happy to say that no goats jumped on me and most of the animals kept a safe and respectable distance.  and then we ate funnel cake.  {maybe i should have opened with the funnel cake}.