Thursday, September 6, 2012

yoga and peanuts


...for another addition of my weekly workouts roundup.  i'm posting a little bit early, because this weekend the husband and i are going to new york (!) for his friend's wedding.  he assures me that we will not be anywhere near time's square or the statue of liberty, which may make it harder to purchase my {i <3 ny} tshirt.  i'll console myself with a trip to niagra falls and overpriced airport snacks.  seriously, last time we flew, i think we paid $8 for a bag of peanuts.

week of 9/2:
sunday:  lulu yoga
monday:  power yoga
tuesday:  turbo kickbox
wednesday:  i taught my first ever yoga class {the breath work we did was more for me than them}
thursday:  rest
friday:  traveling/wandering the airport
saturday:  see friday

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