Saturday, September 15, 2012

workouts and reminders

...for the multitude of pin-able inspiration out there.  i decided i'm not loving the little cowgirly i've got representing my workout roundups {although really, she's lassoing in some great fitness.  i kill me.}  so this week, i'm thankful for these five reminders that are easier written than followed.  number two resonates the most for me currently, since i've now taught three yoga classes and have given myself serious anxiety before, during and after each one.  i didn't think teaching big people would be so different from teaching little people.  it's VERY different.  yowza.

week of 9/9:
sunday:  new york renagade hotel gym yoga {to the confusion of those two boys on the treadmills}
monday:  rest
tuesday:  morning yoga taken and evening yoga taught
wednesday:  rest
thursday:  yoga taught
friday:  yoga taken and then taken again {"research" for my own class, much to the surprise and dismay of my muscles}
saturday:  rest
so, clearly, i'm on a yoga bender right now.  these workout logs are for mostly my own records/amusement, after all.

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