Wednesday, June 12, 2013

on keeping a neat space

...that never, not even one time, in the six years i have been teaching, has my desk or classroom ever looked like this.  i've been subbing {and not blogging, apparently} these last couple months of school, and this classroom was a disaster area.  seriously, it was like an episode of hoarders.  all available surfaces, covered in.....stuff. 

"hello, can you help us?  we're trapped in mrs. xxxx's room."
"okay, where exactly are you?"
"we're wedged in behind the filing cabinets and the bean bag chairs, under the piles of papers, next to the full sized piano (!) that's also covered with files."

i feared for these children.  and this teacher's family, upon her retirement when they're forced to bring in a uhaul to clean out her classroom.   

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