Friday, May 10, 2013

nooks and crannies

...for the creativity of birds.  to me, this is a really unlikely spot for a nest, but some bird must have seen things very differently.  our landlord offered to spray it down before we moved in, but backtracked when she saw the look of horror on my face.  i've never actually seen a bird in this little nook and cranny, but i've seen some feathers.  i'm happy that our rafters are pulling double duty as cozy nests.

side note for you readers:  i was standing on a chair to get this photo when i noticed a hummingbird taking a drink at the feeder just outside the photo frame.  the hummingbird noticed me at the same time, and scared the bananas out of me by flying waaaaaaay too close to my head.  i'm lucky not to have face planted off the chair. 

the things i do for my blog. 


  1. To the aliens who have landed in Costa Mesa, taken Amy hostage, and refused to let her make blog entries for the last month: we agree to your ransom demands. The package of Mallomars and the six-pack of Diet Coke have been left at the designated street corner. Please free her now--we miss her posts!

    1. Mmmm...Diet Coke.
      New posts are on their way as of this morning. I got a little distracted, but now that summer's here I'm back in the game. Thanks for the kick in the pants!