Friday, June 14, 2013

the peculiar purple playground

...for a nice commute.  during my last longterm sub assignment, i began parking a quarter mile away from my school to avoid the chaos that was the parking lot.  crossing guards and school buses and street sweeping warnings were really starting to get to me.  so every morning and afternoon, i walked through this beautiful park on my way to and from work.  whatever this purple tree is, it covered the ground with enough color to really make the scene picturesque. 

one day after school, i saw a lovely moment where a dad and his young toddler son were playing on this playground.  the boy was happily holding dad's hand as he stood uncertainly at the top of the slide.  i felt happy and content inside as i watched.

and then i realized something. 

"wait a minute.  that baby is not wearing any pants!"

moment ruined.  nudity is not for public parks, even in santa ana.

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  1. I like your park and walk idea! Peace of mind and exercise to boot. The tree appears to be a jacaranda--dark bark, purple flowers. Some consider them messy, but it's hard to beat a tree with purple flowers :) They have a scent which is pronounced on damp mornings--I always thought it was a light bubble gum scent, but maybe that's just me. Apparently a popular tree for toddler nudist colonies in Santa Ana. Glad to have your posts again, Amy--I understand that the day is sometimes too short for working AND blogging. Hope lots of people are reading them besides Ian's crazy uncle Doug :)