Monday, February 25, 2013

water water everywhere

...that this will no longer be happening in our bathroom each day.  while home during the day recovering from the flu these past couple of weeks {never again will i think myself too cool for a flu shot}, i began noticing water water everywhere all over our bathroom floor after morning showers.  our landlord's response was "you can't open the shower door while the water is running, because you're letting the water run out onto the tile."  #handymanfail.  i finally thought to take a picture of the leak so that the second time i called he understood what i was describing.  turns out, the shower floor needs to be ripped out and redone because of a leak underneath that's seeping through the wall. 

while i don't love losing the use of our bathroom and having workers afoot for the next week, i do feel vindicated in knowing that it wasn't just the husband and i being careless shower takers.  maybe i could work next on taking shorter showers, but that's neither here nore there.

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