Friday, February 22, 2013

stanley and ian

...for bucket list photo opps.  a few weeks ago, the husband got the chance to view and take photos with his beloved king's stanley cup.  he and my father in law met in la and had some quality bonding time, as apparently the line was super long and not moving quickly enough.  the way he tells it, get in a long line wait wait wait take some stalker shots of bailey the mascot wait some more get nervous that the line would close rush rush rush see the cup pose for one {and only one} photo with the cup hope the photo comes out okay rush rush rush out of the building see more people at the end of the line waiting be thankful they didn't get there any later.  if it was me, and the cup was, say, ryan gosling, my pose would have been far less restrained.  but good for ian.    

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