Wednesday, April 10, 2013

if you build it

...for my love of swedish furniture {and meatballs, but that's neither nor there}.  we've lived in our new place for six months or so, and i finally decided that our lack of dining room table was a deal breaker.  {insert husband's, "you just bought the table bc you had a friend coming over."  maybe.  not true at all}.  don't get me wrong.  i'm really proud of myself for putting the table and chairs together without anyone's help.  as soon as it's all stained, i'll post an after shot. 

but let's be honest.  the real accomplishment here was getting all five pieces from the high ikea shelf to the low shopping cart, then into my little corolla, and finally from the garage to the house.  seriously, i won before i even opened the boxes.    

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