Wednesday, March 27, 2013

happy farmers

...that bribery is alive and well in our public education system.  i'm currently longterm subbing for a fifth grade class while their teacher is on medical leave.  my first day last week, i saw this large jar of candy on top of her desk.  aside from general lesson plans was a single note on classroom management:  no matter what they say, you do not have to give the students jolly ranchers for doing their homework each day.  apparently, another sub had gone through the entire jar in a two week time span a few months prior.  i imagine little sticky hands and the sound of crinkly wrappers all day every day.  shudder.

although i did pat myself on the back for not promoting sugar highs my first day, i did fall for the "we go to lunch 10 minutes early to avoid the long lines" speech.  however, this one benefits me as well as them, so i've been slower to nip that one in the bud.     

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