Wednesday, March 6, 2013

crock of spit

...for google, which taught me that the key to outsmarting a cranky crockpot {spitting out boiling water onto the kitchen counter is never okay} is not to jiggle the lid around and frown at the thing as i first tried.  instead, it appears that weighting down the top is the more sensible way to go.  who knew?  other googlers, that's who.

side note:  i can totally see my picture taking reflection in the bowl.  that photo course i took back in november has clearly paid off.  notsomuch.  


  1. Perfect! When the food (crock of spit?) is ready, no need to go searching for a serving bowl--got one right there--brilliant! [Hope to see crock of spit recipe in upcoming post :)]

    1. alas, i burned my hand when trying to remove said brilliant serving bowl that had suctioned itself to the glass top. happily, {sadly?} we have two crockpots in our house. so the yummy bbq pork ribs above were the finale voyage for this slow cooker.