Saturday, January 12, 2013

vegetable ambitions

...for my very own popeye moment.  on monday, i bought a two pound bag of spinach at costco {along with a giant block of cheese for the husband}.  i never ate spinach as a kid {it doesn't come in a happy meal}, but as an adult, i LOVE it.  seriously.  my mission this week has been to take down as much of the bag as possible to avoid the uglyness that was costco rotten spinach fest 2011, the last time i let myself buy veggies in bulk.  i'm pleased to say that after three days, i've just over half the bag to go.  i've probably jinxed myself by bragging here, but i'm very much looking forward to winning this iron and folate rematch.   

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  1. Oh yeah. We did that this week. Salad was 2/$5 for the huge boxes at Sprouts. It's Wednesday and we have one polished off!! So far so good!!