Monday, January 7, 2013


...for refashioning old and little worn jewelry.  i've had these pearls for a couple of years now, and i like them because they remind me of something my grandmothers might have worn.  but the odd length makes me feel not quite comfortable wearing them, and they have been just taking up space on my jewelry tree.  enter pinterest, and specifically this diy tutorial about creating something new from jewelry you already own.  after some ribbon cutting and measuring, i ended up with a much longer necklace that comes to a more flattering length on me.  then i started playing around with adding extras.  she suggests clip on earrings and a flower brooch... as i had neither, i added another rarely worn necklace as an inset.  i'm not 100% in love yet, but i like it much better than before.  yet another addition to my necklace obsession collection.    

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